Jalene Bennett

Med Student by day, healer for great justice by night

CP: 30 Skill Points: 50 (20 + Highly Skilled 3)
Race: Human, Meta
Occupation: Med Student
Age: 24 Sex: F
Height: 5’ 6" Weight: 128

Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, has a small star shaped mark on her left cheek.

Body: Mind: Soul:
4 6 7
35 65 7 5 3


Name Level Point Cost Notes
Regeneration 1 4 (4/lvl) 1 hp/round – resting
Healing 2 8 (4/lvl) up to 40 hp/day at 4 hp/minute
Force Field 3 6 (2/lvl) Both Directions, 60 damage
10 meter squared wall; up to 5 meters away
Highly Skilled 3 3 (1/lvl) +30 Skill points


Name Level Point Cost Notes
Driving 2 4 (4/lvl) Well-trained
Riding 2 2 (1/lvl) Well-trained
Swimming 3 3 (1/lvl) Expert
Computers 1 4 (4/lvl) Trained
Biological Sciences 3 6 (2/lvl) Expert
Electronics 1 4 (4/lvl) Trained
Cooking 1 1 (1/lvl) Trained
Medical 2 6 (3/lvl) Well-trained
Physical Sciences 1 2 (2/lvl) Trained
Poisons 2 2 (1/lvl) Well-trained
Writing 2 2 (1/lvl) Well-trained
Controlled Breathing 2 4 (2/lvl) Well-trained
Boating 2 4 (2/lvl) Well-trained
Business Management 1 2 (2/lvl) Trained


Name Bonus Points Notes
Phobia (minor) 1 Heights
Not So Tough 2 -20 HP
Easily Distracted 2 Books
Not So Strong 1 +2 penalty to body stat rolls; -1 damage to physical attacks
Marked 1 small star scar on left cheek

While on a short vacation, Jalene was scuba diving off the coast near Hiroshima Japan. She saw a small but interesting looking starfish. While she was inspecting the starfish, it moved with uncanny speed and attached itself to her left cheek and rendered her unconscious. Her dive partner noticed she had stopped moving and took her back to the surface and from there to a hospital. Some time later she recovered and began to notice strange things happening to the patients under her care. Many of them began to heal with uncanny speed and even recover from things they probably shouldn’t have. It wasn’t until she accidentally cut herself that she began to suspect that she was the common denominator. The wound on her hand quickly healed itself before her very eyes in minutes and did not even leave a scar.

Name 3 businesses/locations that are important to your character in Alpha City and Why.
-Mom & Pop’s bookstore – small local shop; cause books, that’s why!
-School clinic – can practice in the waiting room
-my house – can relax by myself
Name and describe 3 civilian contacts or allies.
-Dean of medicine
-Professor Arken (grad advisor)
-Rich friend – Anna Maye
Name and describe one person that hates your character and why.
-ex-best friend from high school – wanted me to take the SAT and ACT for her because I’m smarter and I refused. I am now her sworn arch-enemy.
List three familial ties for your character.
-parents: Father – CEO of Megacorp Shopping Centers; mom
-Uncle Whatsit; crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist
-Cousin Raylene; wants to be like me, the bitch
What do you do for a living and where do you do it?
-3rd year med student at St. Geronimo’s
Do you hide your abilities from the world? If so, whats your secret identity?
-No, just Jalene
Where do you live in Alpha City?
-In a rent house with 3 other med students
What would motivate your character to act like a superhero?
-seeing people get hurt that I can help prevent their deaths or catastrophic disabilities

Jalene Bennett

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