Shaun Mackillon Knox

Non-speaking Assassin/Ninja

CP: 30 Skill Points: 20 (20 + Highly Skilled 0)
Race: Human, Meta
Occupation: Military
Age: M
Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 135#


80 40 16 6 4


Name Level Point Cost Notes
Transmutation 2 4 Can change (class: weapons) into any weapon listed as minor
Transmutation 3 6 Can change (Class: clothes) into any listed up to major
Life Support 2 No need to breath
Kensei 3 Blind Fighting; Chanbara Master; Lightning Draw
Highly Skilled 3 1 +10 Skills per level – 30


Name Level Point Cost Notes
Archery 1 3 The ability to accurately shoot with a bow or crossbow (bow)
Gun Combat 1 5 Accurately shoot with firearm that is autofire, pistol or rifle (pistol)
Melee Attack 1 4
Melee Defense 1 4
Ranged Defense 1 5
Thrown Weapon 1 4
Unarmed Combat 1 4
Unarmed Defense 1 4
Acrobatics 1 5 The ability to perform gymnastic feats including jumps, flips, bends and contortions. Specializations: Balance, Flexibility, Jumps, Tumbling
Stealth 1 6 The ability to disguise objects or people so that they blend into their surroundings. This also includes the ability to conceal small objects on one’s person and the ability to move silently. Specializations: Camaouflage, Conceal, Silent Movement
Burglary 1 3 The ability to open locks, quietly cut glass, hot-wire car ignitions, etc. Does not extend to Electronics. Specializations: Breaking and Entering, Safe Cracking
Sleight of Hand 1 3 Prestidigitation. Specializations: Lock Picking, Pick Pocketing


Name Bonus Points Notes
Marked 2 Full body tattoo of dragons – nano tech makes them appear to be moving
Recurring Nightmares 2 PTSD
Nemesis 2 Hunted by ISIS/ISIL
Cannot Talk 2 No vocal chords

Origin story:

Name 3 businesses/locations that are important to your character in Alpha City and Why.
Name and describe 3 civilian contacts or allies.
Name and describe one person that hates your character and why.
List three familial ties for your character.
What do you do for a living and where do you do it?
Do you hide your abilities from the world? If so, whats your secret identity?
Where do you live in Alpha City?
What would motivate your character to act like a superhero?

Shaun Mackillon Knox

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