Game Notes

System: BESM 2.5

Inspiration: Smallville, Flash

No nearby superheroes – major metropolis area

early years of superhero awakenings – only a few well recognized super heroes/villains

Start out low powered – human + – themed power sets

Age: late teens/early twenties


recently discovered powers / different origin stories

mix between comedy/serious

Possible character examples:



Rougishly Handsome Daredevil

Micro magneto

Med Student

Character Gen guidelines:
30CP / Modern Military Skill Price List / spend 15- 20 points on stats / Rank 3 Max / up to 8 bonus points from defects

File Storage is located in the shared BESM folder tree on Ross’ Google Drive.
Ross has created a Google calendar event for games
Communication is handled through Google Hangouts, either pms to the GM or messages to the entire group.

Game Notes

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