Welcome to Alpha City!

Alpha City wasn’t always a metropolis, but when the founder and CEO of Alpha Labs Inc., Damien Brimm relocated to a deserted area atop a mesa in New Mexico, people and other supporting businesses flocked to the site. Soon what started as a lone business became a city and then continued to grow into the burgeoning metropolis that it is today.

Elsewhere in the world a new phenomena began occurring. Individuals began developing strange and exciting powers. In early 2015, the first metahuman was found. James Turner jr., a normal everyday human, ran into a burning building to save a child. To onlookers it appeared that both perished when the building collapsed. However as fire crews dug through the burned out shell the next morning, they discovered an oddity. A two foot thick block of solid ice that seemed to surround an entire ground floor room. No one knew how the ice appeared, but they cut through the ice into the room and found James unconscious holding a bundle of blankets. The room was extremely cold yet James seemed unaffected, showing no signs of frostbite. Swaddled deep within the blankets was the child, a little cold, but otherwise no worse for wear.

After that, there were around a dozen similar events around the globe. The ways and events that caused these people to developed their abilities varied and no linked cause could be found despite numerous studies. It was clear that they were human before the initiating event, thus the scientific community insisted on the terminology metahuman to refer to these individuals.

Not every metahuman used their powers for good however, some chose evil. Turning their gifts to nefarious deeds for self gain.

You the players are fledgling metahumans in Alpha City. The world and its governments are still reeling from the appearance of metahumans and have not yet made any inroads into dealing with metahuman heroes, let alone metahuman villains.

Check out the wiki for in character knowledge about the setting and out of character knowledge about the game or head over to the adventure log to get caught up on our adventures!


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