A mysterious note

You all receive an elaborately handwritten note, in flowing cursive script and on what appears to be very thick parchment. It reads:

"A gang of thugs has recently hopped off a bus here in town. They are currently holed up in a bar near the warehouse district called ‘Eights’. I have it on good authority that they are looking to expand from their home city into Alpha City. Their gang, the Skulz, is well known in L.A. for drug and gun running. They may also be involved in a human smuggling ring.

The have not committed a crime yet, but they will soon, and I’d prefer to not have them in our city long enough to begin recruiting or even to set up shop. Please see to this for me and I will owe you a favor.

You will need to go now to catch them. Also please find included an advanced payment for your services.


A Visa card with your name on it is enclosed.



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