1.What game are we playing? Superheroes

2.What version of the rules? BESM 2nd Ed revised

3.What house rules? none. No mechs

4.Can house rules be introduced later? By what process? Yes, Super Majority vote (3/4)


1.What is the game schedule? Weekly? Every other week? Monthly? Irregular? Every Other week on Sunday at 1-5pm

2.What are the exceptions to the schedule? Sex, reenactments, medical and family reasons; notices to the group should sent no later than 9pm Friday before the game

3.What is considered “quorum” for a game? (Under what circumstances will you cancel a game?) A super majority must be present to run the game.

4.What is the process for formally cancelling a game? Hangout message with acknowledgements from all players

5.How should players notify people if they cannot play? if they can play? Hangout message with acknowledgement from the GM

6.What is the process for formally inserting an additional game outside of the normal schedule? Not Applicable

7.How long do we play (per session)? Will that change often (extended games), or do we need to stop at a certain time? 4 hours, hard stop at 6pm

8.How long of commitment are you expecting? One game? Three games? A year? Forever? Minimum 6 months. ~ July 31 to be revisited

9.Is it cool to miss games? How often? Its OK occasionally. 3 sessions in 3 months is too many. Special exceptions for medical and family emergencies.


1.Where is the game hosted? OSU Library Study Room

2.Are hosting duties shared? Not really

3.What is the address of the place where we play? Got directions? meet at Shannon and Ross’ Carpool to Library

4.Where do we park? Shannon and Ross’

5.What are the special rules of the house? (take off your shoes, don’t let the cat out, etc.) Clean up after yourself, don’t break shit

6.What should people bring? (food, dice, books, miniatures, etc.) Rulebooks if ya got em, laptop or tablet, dice, drinks, snackage

7.Will we eat during the game? Who brings the food? How is paying for delivery food handled? sure, fend for your damn self


1.Who is invited to play? Shannon, Eric, Bradley, DIana, Ross, and Remy (sort of)

2.Who is excluded from play? Those who shall not be named

3.What is the process for inviting new members? Super Majority vote

4.What is the process for bringing a friend or significant other to a game? petition the group for approval for initial invite via hangouts

5.Are children or spectators or pets permitted as tag-alongs? only Remy, sort of (Case by case basis)

6.What is the process for correcting poor player behavior? warning, then thrown dice at offending player by GM or GM’s delegate

7.What is the process for expelling someone you don’t like? Not applicable; beggars can’t be choosers


1.What is the point of play for this group? fun, human socialization, and interaction

2.What is the general mood of play? (fun, serious, dark, etc.) balance between comedy and serious

3.What is the general theme of play? are there any special tropes? Four color comics/modern comics/superheroes

4.Is it okay for players (including the GM) to be competitive with each other? (up to killing each other’s characters?) NO

5.Are there any limits about game content (“lines and veils”)? R rating?


1.How do players create characters? See Game notes

2.How do players advance characters? XP will be awarded at the end of each session and time will be allowed for character advancement

3.What level of playing “in role” is expected of all players? What is too little? Too much? This ain’t larp, pay attention, be ready for your turn. Funny voices are ok

4.What is the expectation around character death? Under what circumstances can it happen or not happen? Death can happen as a result of mechanics or to advance the story (with good reason and PC permission)

5.If a character dies, how does the player replace it? New character, same point total and guidelines as character that was KIA

6.How do players integrate characters into the setting? Tied naked to a chair in a building the players are exploring.

7.How do players integrate characters into the game’s situation or existing character group? “Hello there stranger, you look trust worthy. Care to join our adventuring group?”

8.What kind of play behavior is considered annoying? being late, being hostile to other players, not paying attention, Remy (Remy is going to be annoying)


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